Central Africa is an intriguing region with a lot of promise for unusual and off-the-radar wildlife experiences. A tapestry of habitats from lush rainforest and fertile grasslands to misty wetlands and tropical coastline, the biodiversity in this region is extraordinary. So far, we have been lucky enough to explore the Republic of Congo, but we have our sights set on more in the future. From the bonobos of the Congo River Basin to the mandrills and ocean-loving hippos of Gabon, Central Africa is the next big place for wildlife-based ecotourism.

The Republic of Congo is an outstanding destination to encounter an unexpected abundance and diversity of wildlife. Venture deep into Africa’s emerald heart in search of colorful birds and rare Odzala lowland gorillas. Sit quietly for hours on the edge of a bai (forest clearing) watching the daily parade of wildlife that emerges from the shady depths to drink and socialize. Forest elephants gather for bonding, bongos, red river pigs, buffalo and sitatunga wallow in the mud and sunshine. Grey parrots and lime green pigeons burst to the sky in noisy flocks.

A collection of charming camps reminiscent of a scene from Robinson Crusoe are you home away from home. Click on the country to discover more.

Countries in Central Africa

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