The Secret to Photographing like a Pro

Africa is the best place in the world to try your hand at wildlife photography. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or are just learning the ropes, Africa will provide you with stunning scenery, a gorgeous abundance of wildlife, and golden hours that would make a Nat Geo photographer cry tears of happiness.

Even if you have already bought a nice DSLR camera, there’s a good chance you haven’t bitten the bullet and invested in a telephoto lens. They’re quite the financial commitment, especially if you’re not regularly photographing wildlife. Sure, you could take some spectacular safari photographs with a telephoto lens, but maybe you just can’t justify that kind of investment for just a few uses.

This is where the magic of comes into play. This brilliant website lets you rent telephoto lenses for a fraction of the price of buying one. It’s super easy – just browse their selection, choose a lens compatible with your camera, set the time frame you need it, and click done! The lens will arrive on the day you choose, and when you’re done, you simply ship it back in the pre-addressed, pre-paid box they provide. How simple is that?

As a bonus, you can also rent entire camera set ups – the perfect chance to test out that new camera you’ve been dreaming about before committing to a big purchase.

Now get snapping! Africa awaits…

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