Discover the Rare: Busanga Plains

Destination: Busanga Plains, Zambia

Zambia is a destination that has largely remained off the radar in the safari industry. It's a land where the wildlife are abundant, the landscapes are ancient and evocative, and the people are warm and welcoming. At Busanga Plains you can witness the beautiful rhythms of life unfolding on the savannah before your very eyes. Float high above the sprawling grasslands, moving silently in a hot air balloon, somewhere between earth and sky, between atmospheric silence and the symphony of life below. 

A lone elephant wandering the plains, a pride of lions hunting with power and grace, and a herd of puku a hundred strong - these are just a few of your daily sightings in Busanga. Experience this wonderous destination for yourself with a stay at Shumba Camp or Busanga Bush Camp

Until you visit for yourself, immerse into the Busanga magic with this video:



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