Casey and the Fam do the Serengeti

My family’s next stop of our East African adventure took us to Tanzania, which shares a border with Kenya. Both the Serengeti (Tanzania) and the Masai Mara (Kenya) are famous safari destinations, but not many realize that they are in fact one contiguous ecosystem that has been split into two by a political boundary.


Our accommodation was the Serengeti Four Seasons and Mwiba Camp. While a departure from Mango’s usual preference for smaller, intimate camps, the Serengeti Four Seasons is ultra luxurious and perfect for large groups traveling together or those seeking a more traditional hotel experience. With several restaurants, a kids club, a traditional boma, large spa and billiards room, this brings the high end amenities of a city hotel to the middle of the Serengeti. Thanks to even, raised walkways, this is also a great place for those with mobility issues.

Our room was comfortable and well-appointed like a city hotel, but with a safari flair. My daughter loved the large main pool for the downtime between game drives. Not only is heated (it can get chillier there than you would think), but it also overlooks a lively waterhole. There’s nothing better than relaxing and playing with your kids against a backdrop of elephants, gazelles and giraffes.

Throughout our stay, the lovely Tanzanian staff took excellent care of us. As we traveled outside of the peak season, it was uncrowded and peaceful. When we went on game drives, we were impressed with the diversity and abundance of the wildlife we encountered. The guides were knowledgeable and very child friendly. A good guide makes all the differences when traveling with children. Many will have kids of their own, and love inspiring the next generation of conservationists.


Mwiba is a fantastic region comprising two private concessions bordering the southern end of Serengeti National Park, up in the Ngorongoro Highlands. We love this area because it is a prime example of converting a concession once used for consumptive trophy hunting tourism into sustainable, ethical photographic safari tourism. 

A small and intimate camp with just 10 rooms, Mwiba Camp is phenomenal for families. All activities are privately guided and you're guaranteed your own guide and vehicle throughout your stay. Whent traveling with kids, this is an absolutely luxury! It means you can explore at your own pace, take breaks when you need and depart/return from activities as suits the needs of your family. Additionally, the seasonal camp is the only one located in the region, giving total privacy and exclusivity - something that we love at Mango! 

Being on a private concession has some serious benefits in terms of offerings. We were able to drive off road, drive at night searching for elusive nocturnal wildlife, go for bush picnics in the best spots, go for a walking safari and participate in cultural walking excursions with the local tribes - all of which my daughter loved! The staff are fantastic with children and the butlers did a wonderful job playing with and entertaining the kiddos in camp. Between the pool, the games and the activities designed just for kids, Stella had an absolute blast. 

The Serengeti Four Seasons is not for everyone, but it is a wonderful option for the right client and we readily recommend it in the right situation. We certainly had a fantastic time!

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