9 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Go on Safari

If you are a traveler like me, the last 18 months have been stifling, almost claustrophobic, at times. As you reach the breaking point, it is time to plan your next travels. Hit the road with some calculated confidence and limited risk. My passport is out of the safe and I am not letting it burn a hole in my pocket any longer. This is why now is the time for Africa.

1. You’re always outside

Even with extensive safety measures, the safari experience remains largely unchanged since they’re already covid-friendly by nature. You’re always outside – eating al fresco, going on open-air game drives, on walking or boating safaris or sitting around the campfire.

2. Private accommodation

We only use intimate camps and lodges with a small number of tents, so it never feels busy, and you’re always able to social distance from other guests in the open-air common areas.

3. No crowds

With the low number of travelers, you practically have these iconic natural parks to yourself. Your sightings will be uncrowded, and you can always get great positioning for photos. These special times won’t last with more people traveling every month, so now is the time to go!

4. Last minute bookings are actually possible

Normally we recommend safaris be booked at least a year in advance to get space in all your top-choice camps, but right now it’s possible to book last minute trips and still get the best of the best.

5. The safety precautions measure up

Americans have flocked to destinations such as Hawaii because of the sense of safety testing that requirements have given. Africa has been operating under the same measures since the pandemic started, so travelers can go there with just as much confidence.

6. In-camp safety measures don’t feel disruptive

Masked staff, hand sanitizing and contact-free temperature checks feel common place these days, so you’re unphased by their presence and the experience is uninterrupted.

7. Vaccination rates are high amid tourism workers

Most African countries have also been prioritizing tourism employees as essential workers so vaccination rates are excellent amid the staff.

8. The communities need ecotourism back

With hundreds of thousands working directly or indirectly in ecotourism across Africa, countless families are banking on traveler numbers going up.

9. Wildlife conservation needs us

Conservation groups are reliant on ecotourism to fund their efforts to protect endangered species. Without travelers visiting these precious national parks and private reserves, they cannot pay rangers, fund habitat restoration projects nor endangered species breeding programs. The return of ecotourism means these efforts can resume at full force in an age when every month counts.

If it all boils down to the numbers for you, then consider this: Thanks to consistent safety measures from entry testing to temperature checks, the Safari Professionals of America have sent nearly 6,000 travelers to Africa in 18 months with only 16 people testing positive – that’s a mere 0.002%. By comparison, over one-third of Americans have tested positive. Numbers don’t lie – if you’re comfortable traveling, Africa is a safe bet. The guides, camps and animals can’t wait to welcome you back and there’s never been a better time!



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