20 Questions with Nancy

Nancy Pole Wilhite

Goal Keeper for final planning documents
Team member since 2009

What’s your hometown?
Navy brat, but I spent most of my formative years in Corona del Mar, California

What’s your favorite thing about working at Mango? 
The staff

Why do you love to travel? 
Because I get to experience new ways of looking at the world

What’s your favorite destination in Africa and why?
The next one…

What’s your favorite destination outside of Africa and why? 
South America because it has a varied landscape, culture, people, food, flora and fauna

What’s your dream trip for 2020?
Perhaps Brazil

What’s the best thing you ever ate while traveling?
Beetle larvae

What’s the most memorable wildlife sighting in Africa?
Wild dogs on the hunt at Savuti Camp

What’s the most unique souvenir you’ve ever brought home from a trip?
Sand from the Atcama Desert

What 5 things are always in your carry-on bag? 
Bathing suit, extra pair of cheater eye glasses, miner’s light, dental floss, tooth brush and a copy of my passport picture page

What’s the foreign currency you have the most of floating around at home?

What’s your top travel tip?
In case you lose your luggage, wear multiple layers of clothing on the flight

What’s your favorite animal?
Wild dogs

What do you love to do outside of travel?

What’s your go-to drink for sundowners?
Pimm’s Cup or scotch, preferably single malt

What’s your favorite movie or book? 
“Les Enfants du Paradis”

What’s your favorite food?

What pets do you have?
My plants

What’s your perfect summer day?
Spending time in the water- on the beach or in a pool…

What’s your guilty pleasure movie?
Lord of the Rings series
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