17 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day at Home

Even though this Earth Day is the 50th anniversary, we can't celebrate in our usual favorite ways. Trails and national parks are closed, beaches are off limits are campgrounds sit empty. Though we may not be out and about, enjoying the glories of nature firsthand, there's still plenty of ways to enjoy a slower paced Earth Day at home. Whether you're lucky enough to have a backyard or live in an urban apartment, here is our list of suggestions to celebrate Mother Earth from the safety of your own home. Don't worry, she'll be waiting for us once all of this over! 


1.  Plant a pollinator friendly garden with wildflowers native to your region.

2.  Opt for local, in season produce.

3.  Buy organic whenever possible. Not only does this support the reduction of pesticides and fossil-fuel based fertilizers, but it also produces healthier foods as organic crops are higher in phytonutrients thanks to relying on their natural defense systems against insects.

4.  Enjoy some screen-free entertainment with books, board games, a backyard picnic or play time outside.

5.  Start your own vegetable garden. No yard space? Try a herb garden in your kitchen or balcony. 

6.  Use this time to finally round out your collection of reusable items, including grocery totes, water bottles, travel mugs, cloth napkins, reusable ziploc bags, mesh produce bags, beeswax wrap and countless others.

7.  Read books that celebrate the Earth with your kids. We love this list of teacher-selected books that cover everything from gardening to birds. 

8.  Donate to your favorite local or international conservation organization. To support African wildlife, we love the Cheetah Conservation Fund, Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, Fallen Rangers Fund (mountain gorillas), Rhino Conservation Botswana and African Parks Network

9.  Start your own compost to help reuse organic kitchen scraps.

10.  Switch traditional lightbulbs for new energy efficient ones.

11.  Try out delicious new recipes for Meatless Mondays as a way to cut back on meat consumption.

12.  Go birdwatching in your backyard - see how many species you can spot!

13.  Opt for a Rainforest Alliance certified coffee to ensure sustainable practices and fair wages went into your morning cup.

14.  Opt for brands that use organic cotton and natural dyes in clothing to reduce the use of harsh chemicals both in producing and processing the cotton.

15.  Refresh your beauty and hygiene routine with Earth friendly products.

​16.  Use this down time to unsubscribe yourself from junk mail to help reduce unnecessary paper waste.

17. Run a BioBlitz for your kids (or yourself!) A BioBlitz is when you try and find as many different species of plants and animals in 24 horus within a given space. This is often used by scientists looking to engage the public with conservation, while also collecting valuable information about a region's ecological welfare. Try hosting your own version with your kids in your backyard. You can even coordinate with neighbors by sharing photos and lists of what you found.

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