Africa and the Indian Ocean are magic. A visit to these destinations can be a life changing experience. Don't take our word for it. Mango clients have lots to say about their adventures. One of the most rewarding parts of our job is to hear about all the details of each trip after people return home. We enjoy a number of repeat travelers who are part of the growing Mango family.

Some comments from recent Mango Travelers:

Allan Larson & Friends go to Southern Africa
Ron West took this picture at our bush lunch at Duba Plains Camp on our recent photo safari to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and South Africa. We all had a great time with no problems whatsoever. As you know, this is my 9th safari and more than 40 camps with Mango with never a serious glitch. There are so many details, so many "moving parts" on a trip like this that it continually amazes me how it is all so flawlessly coordinated. You folks do a wonderful job. Allan Larson Denver, CO
– Allan Larson & Friends go to Southern Africa
Cannot Imagine Traveling with Anyone Else
Before traveling to South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe, we had high expectations for our trip planned by Mango African Safaris. However, the actual trip and the various services provided through Mango and its African affiliates far exceeded our expectations. I cannot imagine that any other agency could have provided a better experience, and we would tell and have told others considering an African safari that they need look no further than the staff of Mango African Safaris to provide a first class adventure. D. and K. Meyer, 2019
– Cannot Imagine Traveling with Anyone Else
Christmas Miracle
This past Christmas was one of those times to throw yourself upon the mercy of your travel agent. After an "annus horribilis,” every photograph of me looked as grim as the events I'd faced. “We need a safari for Christmas,” I begged Teresa at Mango Safaris, “oh… and I can barely move." It was December 8th. Teresa “got it” instantly. We flew for 24 hours, in wide-bodies and “puddle jumpers," but upon arrival in the bush everything had changed. Hippos mated outside our tent. Forty elephants gathered right across “our” river. Giraffe, impala, hyena and warthog families scampered through our lush (and unbelievably luxurious) camp. By Christmas, "our" guide and "our" hosts felt like family, and “our” hippos were a nightly laugh. Before New Years’ we’d had monkeys steal our underwear (after using our tent as a ski jump), seen elephants use our porch as a sidewalk, had a troop of forty baboons run through the elevated walks like a freight train, seen a leopardess carrying her kit right beside us, and followed a lioness on the hunt. By the time we got to the white rhinos, our first truly and utterly footloose and carefree trip as a family, and Africa herself, had worked its magic.
– Christmas Miracle
D. Kim
I don't even know how to put it into words - the trip was incredible. A lot of really nice professional people throughout the trip made this solo traveler feel welcomed and safe. Guides were some of the BEST I have ever experienced. It truly was a trip of a lifetime. I still look back and cannot believe I did it. The memories and experiences will carry me a lifetime. Absolutely amazing continent and people.
– D. Kim
D. Madden, Portland, OR
"I can't wait to get together and share our photos and experience. I just want to thank you with a great big hug and more. Everyone can hardly wait until we return. PS, I miss my sundowners!"
– D. Madden, Portland, OR
Doubman Family, Dubendorf, Switzerland
Memorable moment: "Finally finding a group of four male elephants after tracking their destruction and droppings!"
– Doubman Family, Dubendorf, Switzerland
E. Bredall
We had a wonderful trip! So many things to still think about! The locations/camps were all great. I have spent many years thinking of East Africa and envisioning what it would be like. It was exactly as I imagined. Thank you so much for helping make this a trip of a lifetime!
– E. Bredall
Eileen & Michael, New Jersey
We had The vacation of a lifetime. LOVED EVERY MOMENT. Mango never failed to please. We were met and picked up at every start and stop. Can’t thank you enough for our incredibly planned trip experience.
– Eileen & Michael, New Jersey
G. Trauner, Wilson, WY
"... coming up on a black rhino in the Klip River valley who had given birth within - literally - the past 30 minutes (the baby is now named Aaron after our son who was with us on the trip) and, of course, to the people and the amazing wildlife - well, we loved every second of it."
– G. Trauner, Wilson, WY
Greg & Carol Dobbs - Evergreen, CO
We have traveled a lot internationally, both for work and for pleasure, so we know the difference between help that is casually offered and help that is meticulous. What Mango Safaris did for us on a trip to South Africa - everything they did for us - was meticulous. And equally important, everything they arranged was first class: our accommodations, our meals, our ground transportation, all of it was flawless. The people at Mango say they have lots of "Africa experience", and it's obvious that they do.
– Greg & Carol Dobbs - Evergreen, CO
Head & Shoulders Above All
I wish to thank you again for setting up our Southern Africa adventure. It was a complex itinerary - four weeks in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe - but everything came together and we all had an amazing time. We have had many fun and memorable family vacations, but this one stands head and shoulders above them all.
– Head & Shoulders Above All
I. Register & D. Bowers, Portland, OR
Thank you so much for making our recent trip one of the best vacations we have had! Everything went smooth and drama free. Needless to say, we were mouth agape at the surprise transfer to Vumbura with a champagne stop via helicopter!! Teresa - I had flippantly referred to a helicopter ride as a Disney event; thank you so much for showing me the way — the experience was wonderful and the views spectacular. And the champagne was great too. Each camp was exactly as described and Vumbura was over the top wonderful! Botswana was so incredibly beautiful — Irene and I enjoyed the Mokoro boat trips the most as they give you such a different view of the diversity of flora and fauna than a game drive alone.
– I. Register & D. Bowers, Portland, OR
L. Caputo
Our journey exceeded our expectations in every way! The wildlife and scenery are spectacular, but it was the people that truly stole my heart. It is impossible to describe how enriching it was. The memories are etched forever in our minds and hearts. Thank you!!
– L. Caputo
M. & P. Foy, Castle Rock, CO
Wanted to let you know that our trip was FANTASTIC and exceeded even our very high expectations! Elegant start and finish and lots of adventure and faux roughing it in between. We saw lots of wildlife and the people running the camps could not have been more gracious and knowledgeable - very impressive everyplace. Thanks for your skill in putting this all together - it all went exactly as planned and not a hitch anyplace. Paula was one VERY happy camper!
– M. & P. Foy, Castle Rock, CO
N & MJ, Banner, WY
"When you said that we were going to have a fabulous time, I had no idea how absolutely indescribably amazingly incredibly beyond our wildest imagination fabulous!!!!!! Neltje and I finished a long elephant ride this morning and are now watching two out of four hippos in the lagoon having a little mid morning sex...lots of splashing and chasing and even one AIRBORNE hippo completely out of the water like a breaching humpback whale!!!!!!! This of course is from the deck of our crash pad right by the water's edge at Abu Camp. All the camps have been great, lovely, comfortable, super, etc with great guides and camp teams plus the most extraordinary wildlife viewing... I feel sorry for anyone whose first experience of a safari is in Botswana....where you are spoiled by such excellent access and plentiful as an extra bonus. Little Mombo stole both our hearts with the intimacy of the team, the best guide ever and wildlife continually off our deck in such a beautiful setting plus wildlife about 23 different lions, three leopards, zillions of other four leggeds and birds and...and...and...GREAT cuisine.....spoiled rotten. Thank you! thank you! thank you! HUGE THANK YOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! what a fabulous safari!!!!!!!"
– N & MJ, Banner, WY
P. Rietze, Portland, OR
"Mango Safaris did a great job helping us plan our trip from start to finish. Their expertise and experience helped us put together an itinerary that included everything we wanted to see and do. We really enjoyed the elephant-back safari along the shores of the Zambezi River. Riding on an elephant gave us a very different perspective of the flora and fauna."
– P. Rietze, Portland, OR
Peter & Ann Hollis
Staying on private lands allowed us to get off marked tracks to follow game more closely. Fortunate to see the Big Five, cheetah, wild dogs and more. In Botswana I didn't know how things could get any better from what we had already experienced, but they did!
– Peter & Ann Hollis
Planned to Perfection
Honestly, we could not have asked for more. Everything was planned to perfection. We didn't even have a single bump in the road, much less anything not go according to plan. I've never experienced anything like it. -R & E Key
– Planned to Perfection
Raber Family
We had an incredible time in Africa. We are already talking about having you plan our next adventure! Thanks again for planning a trip that was the best family vacation we have ever had!
– Raber Family
Rena & Andrew Southern, New York, NY
"Casey, this trip was the greatest adventure of our lives and you were SUCH a big part of it. Thank you. Thank you for your enthusiasm and knowledge and accessibility. Here's to more great adventures for all of us! Be sure you'll be the first person we call when we're ready to plan our next one."
– Rena & Andrew Southern, New York, NY
Rietze kids in Zanzibar
"After traveling through 6 countries in Africa, Mango recommended that we spend a few days on the beaches of Zanzibar as the last stop of our 3-week trip. We truly enjoyed our time on the beach, exploring Stone Town, and taking a spice tour."
– Rietze kids in Zanzibar
I don't want to be home -- still want to be on a game drive, and I'm already looking forward to going again. The trip was fantastic and went off without a hiccup!
– S & P Goodman
S. Dwyer & A. Whisenant
My wife and I have high expectations for our trips. Going to Africa is not cheap and we want the most bang for our buck. I met Casey and Teresa almost ten years ago and knew they could satisfy our requirements. We have been to Uganda and Tanzania with Mango and expect to use them again on our future African adventures.
– S. Dwyer & A. Whisenant
Sandy & Dennis
We used Mango Safaris to plan our dream trip to Africa for our 25th anniversary. In Olonana Camp in Masai Mara Kenya they did a special anniversary dinner for us. They made us a cake and the whole staff came around the table, with a beautiful guitar playing and they sang to us circling the table. It was my best anniversary dinner ever. I will always remember this. And also in Bostwana, they surprised us with a lovely dinner on our deck, for our anniversary. We have had many vacations and been in many countries, still working on the bucket list. But Africa is the top of the list and Mango Safaris is the best and they will be helping us plan our next trip in the next couple years.
– Sandy & Dennis
So Many Family Memories
I can’t thank you enough for helping set this trip up. So many family memories. It was very hard to see it come to an end and fly home, just kept wanting to see and do more. In the three weeks there really wasn’t a single hitch or disappointing stay/meal/experience.The places you led us to were just one gem after another, we were really impressed and really happy. - Ward, Andrea, Sophia & Alena
– So Many Family Memories
Thank you
A HUGE thank you for sending us to such a great place! Our trip was incredible and way beyond our expectations. All the details that we would have missed were thought out. Compared to the other travelers we met at the camp who spent loads of effort into planning their trip, we were almost embarrassed at how easy you made this for us. Thank you!! C. Rizk & M. Richard
– Thank you
The Hatfield Wolf Family - New York City, NY
We loved Morocco and Mango Safari's arrangements were perfect in every way. Our guide and driver were so much fun to be with and shared their vast love and knowledge of the country with us. Traveling with a high school senior can be prickly but the trip managed to provide something for everyone--history; spectacular scenery; politics; the ancient, medieval and the new; delicious food; excellent shopping; eye-opening encounters with local peoples; relaxation and thrills. From camel jerky and nougat to handmade tribal rugs the gifts of this experience will last a life time.
– The Hatfield Wolf Family - New York City, NY
W. Doerner, Beaverton, OR
"Thank you both for the awesome job you did putting together our trip. All the recommendations and advice was perfect and we really enjoyed the whole trip. I did not expect to see so much wildlife in the middle of the day and the river safari was very special."
– W. Doerner, Beaverton, OR
W. Lesser & M. Campbell
Thank you so much for putting together another fabulous trip! The guides were all wonderful. They were very organized, friendly, really listened to our needs etc. While all of the accommodations were slightly different they all were wonderful. The staff in each location went out of our way to be friendly and make us feel welcome. Each place was special in its own way.
– W. Lesser & M. Campbell
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