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Mango Safaris is a boutique travel company that specializes in customized journeys to Africa. We specialize in 18 countries across the wildlife safari regions of East and Southern Africa, North Africa and the Indian Ocean.

We create journeys that celebrate what makes Africa so special - the animals and wild spaces, the people and their vibrant diverse cultures, the thriving art and food scene, the birthplace of mankind. Conservation is at the core of our values. By promoting ethical, environmentally-minded ecotourism we help preserve Africa’s wildlife and remote cultures for future generations.

Our Story

Teresa and Casey met while attending the University of Oregon, becoming friends over a shared love of travel, good food and live music. After graduating, they worked feverishly to save up money for their dream trip - a year-long around the world adventure. They spent 15 months visiting 37 countries, racking up countless antics and stories along the way. During that time, they ended up with a 7-month sojourn through Africa, working as chefs for an overland safari company. The seed ideas for their own safari company were planted in their minds and in 1999 when they finally returned home, Casey and Teresa started Mango African Safaris.

They have spent the last 23 years exploring Africa’s wildest corners. From its most rustic on an overland truck trundling along at 20 mph to its most luxurious touching down by private helicopter in places rarely touched by man, they have experienced it all.

More Mangos on the Tree

As the company grew, it was apparent that there was a need for more mangos on the tree. Brian Huggins, a childhood friend of Teresa, started his African travels as a Mango client. He joined the team in 2006 and has become a valued and accomplished African travel specialist. Kelsea Lee joined us in 2012 first as an office assistant and has since fallen in love with the safari world.

Wholly Unique Journeys

When you call Mango Safaris, you will work with one of the five of us to design your custom itinerary. We love working with each client to bring their dream trip to life. We brainstorm and work closely as a team so no option is overlooked and every trip is wholly unique to your wants and needs. Along each step of the way, you will enjoy the benefit of our expert knowledge, attention to detail and dedication to customer service.

The Mango team travels for up to two months each year guiding and scouting new properties and destinations. We only sell locations we have traveled to and vetted personally, so our list of offerings expands only as we travel.

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