Lauren has been an avid traveler since birth, though her first travels were via the family’s Toyota van since her father was afraid of flying. The family traveled all across the United States, visiting almost every state, and Lauren ended up living in Colorado, North Carolina, Los Angeles and Washington, DC - all VERY different places! Since then, she’s continued to explore the US and has visited roughly 40 countries abroad - from studying in Australia, Spain and Switzerland in high school, college and grad school - to honeymooning in Chile and Patagonia while six months pregnant.

Today she’s married to a commercial airline pilot and has a young daughter so the family gets out as much as possible, having recently traveled to Mexico, Hawaii and Greece. Greece is a must do for any family given that the country absolutely LOVES children. Plus, it's absolutely beautiful with amazing history, wonderful food and breathtaking beaches.

Lauren will be visiting Kenya and Tanzania with the rest of the Gamba/Hermansen family, which includes 12 people, aged 23 months to 75 years. They are very excited to travel with three generations, all while staying in exclusive, family-owned and operated lodges. Expect a full report on the best places to stay with a large, diverse family.