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Orchidee Hotel

Tsingy de Bemaraha, Madagascar

Mango Opinion

The drive to the Tsingy is very long and very difficult. 8 hours to go 220 kilometers. Not paved and dusty. Must cross big river on make shift barge.

Hotel is nice. Beautiful grounds. Good restaurant. Bathrooms very simple.

Close to small Tsingy and about 17k from Big Tsingy. Tsingy hiking is really neat but difficult

Conveniently located near the Tsingy of Bemaraha, the Orchidee Hotel offers both comfort and scenery. Sitting on top of a hill in the Tsingy Nature Reserve, the hotel complex consists of a dozen spacious bungalows - all with ventilated thatched roofs and private verandas overlooking the wild and unspoiled land. The guest rooms have a double bed or two single beds with mosquito netting, a sitting area, an en suite bathroom featuring a toilet and shower. Facilities in the main lodge area include a large restaurant and bar allowing you to enjoy a wide variety of specialties combining delicious French cuisine with the exotic flavors of Madagascar. While dining, guests can enjoy the magnificent view over Tsingy - a truly unique and spectacular landscape.

Nature Reserve Tsingy de Bemaraha covers an area of 157,710 hectares at an altitude between 150 and 700 meters. The limestone uplands form a ragged "Tsingy" or "forest" of limestone landscape. It's a breath-taking landscape that isn't found anywhere else in the world. The reserve is home to other impressive vistas such as karst gorge of the Manambolo River (300 to 400 meters deep). The reserve's varied landscape - from hilly terrain and high peaks to primary forests, lakes and mangroves - provide habitat for various species of rare birds and lemurs. There are also many types of frogs, butterflies and even colorful chameleons.