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Manga Soa Lodge

Nosy Be, Madagascar

The hotel Manga Soa Lodge is the luxury and authenticity destination in Nosy Be, Madagascar. Five beautiful lodges are scattered in nature and near the beach of Befefika. Serenity facing the sea! This is a dream-like atmosphere where each lodge is named after a star. The lodges are decorated with a cultural mix of Madagascar and furnished with rosewood creations from the workshops / sakalavas in Dzamanjary, the second city of Nosy Be.

The private beach of the Manga Soa Lodge has a large coral sand with beautiful black rocks. Here sea turtles visit and lay eggs during the rainy season. Lounging in the sand, listening to the waves of the Indian Ocean hit this coast of Nosy Be, you will forget the daily routine while an inner peace will be imbued in you.

As soon as you enter your lodge, you will be seized by nature in full bloom and enjoy the breathtaking spectacle of the sea with clear and calm waters of the Mozambique Channel. All of the lodges are arranged in height and provide a breathtaking view of the Bay of Befefika. Here, at the Manga Soa Lodge of Nosy Be, all is peace and wonder. You will enjoy the pleasure of idleness on your individual terrace, contemplating nature, before enjoying the restaurant located in the botanical garden.