Luxury Mobile Tented Camping

Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Your Luxury Mobile Tented Camps are as good as it can get while camping out in one of our wilderness areas or parks. The tents are all made of heavy-duty canvas with zippered windows and netting all around for ventilation. They are eight feet wide by twenty four feet long, and seven and a half feet high. They have a private bathroom and shower area attached to the rear of the tent, allowing you to access them without going outside.

Inside the tent is hand-made wooden furniture including seven-foot long beds with full mattresses. You may choose twin beds or a double bed. There are fresh linens on the beds daily and towels are provided as well. For those cooler evenings, a hot water bottle is a warm surprise when you get into bed.

Other amenities include a nightstand by each bed, a clothes rack, a dressing and washing area toward the rear of the tent, solar lighting in the evening, flashlight, mirrors, umbrellas, wash basins, soap, chairs on your veranda with individual tables, and one bottle of water per person in your tent.