Kazuma Trails - Mobile Camping in Savuti

Linyanti Wetlands, Botswana

For the first time in 25 years the Savuti Channel is flowing. It is slowly filling up the marsh and has transformed the area from having 3 small water points artificial pumped to a wetland. This has also changed the cycle of animals that used to migrate out of the area in the dry season, they are now staying.

This area has a great diversity of animals to see and the bird life on the marsh has increased tenfold. This is not an area to miss when visiting Botswana. Animals that can be seen in the Chobe areas as a whole are elephant, all the big cats i.e. lion, leopard and cheetah along with wild dog, huge herds of buffalo, giraffe, hippo, sable, kudu, baboons, and many others.