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La Dauphin

Ft Dauphin, Madagascar

Located a half mile from the main street and close to the beach, Le Dauphin brings tourists and regulars. At the heart of the park, the hotel is divided into 23 rooms and bungalows. The restaurant offers international and Malagasy cuisine and presents a map of fish and seafood lobster Fort Dauphin is very popular and recognized as one of the best in the world. Also, crabs and oysters in the area are a real treat.

Under the tropic of Capricorn, Fort Dauphin remains the main city of southern Madagascar. The current population is around 50,000 which has allowed landscapes to keep their authenticity. Fort Dauphin was founded and flourished during the time of ships and galleons sent by King Louis XIII of France (1610-1643). This historical city is a beautiful snap shot of the island with steep mountains, sandy beaches, luscious mangrove bays, and hidden coves.

Amenities offered at the hotel are wifi, laundry service, breakfast and dinner. The hotel also offers shuttles to the Berenty Nature Reserve