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Ziwani Lodge

Karatu, Tanzania

Ziwani Lodge, located on an escarpment overlooking Lake Eyasi in Northern Tanzania, offers sweeping views of the Rift Valley. The property is a fully-fledged eco lodge, running solely off solar and wind power. The open feel of the design with limited amount of glass windows is not only used as a natural cooling system in the rooms and main areas of the property, but also to allow guests to feel at one with nature. The property boasts 7 cottages all with beautiful views, a stunning swimming pool for cooling off in the heat of the day and a small library.

Activities include visiting Lake Eyasi by foot, where you can witness the varied bird life and see the ancient rock art left by the former ancestors of the area. You can also visit local tribes, including the Hadza, which are one of East Africa’s last remaining true hunter-gatherers. As one of Africa’s oldest tribes, they've lived sustainably on their land near the Rift Valley, birthplace of humanity, for over 50,000 years. Their current number stands at 1,000, and they are on the verge of extinction.

The Datoga tribe lives near the Hadza. They are a pastoral tribe who are skilled silversmiths and supply the Hadza with iron tips, knives and spears in exchange for animal skins, honey and fruits. Their origins are the Horn of Africa, and they are thought to have immigrated some 3,000 years ago. They wear traditional dress decorated in colored beads, and the women often have facial scarification for beauty.