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Ngorongoro Farm House

Karatu, Tanzania

Bronze price level

Mango Opinion

Ngogongoro Farmhouse was built to be like some of it older more established competitors..think Gibbs Farm. While it does not have the history of these spots, it is well priced, offers a nice setting including a gorgeous pool and nice bungalow accommodations. The one real drawback of the lodge is the size at fifty rooms.

Hand plaited thatched roof tops, ample verandas and colonial interiors at Ngorongoro Farm House, a small and exclusive hotel built on a 500 acre coffee plantation, all of which has been designed to take you to the comfort and style of past times.  It was built in the style of an old colonial farm and rustically decorated with local materials and full of details carefully selected in good taste, with the hopes of transporting guests on magical journey to the life of the days bygone.

Ngorongoro Farm House is a perfect stopover within any safari in the Northern Circuit of Tanzania and a privileged place to visit the Crater or enjoy a variety of activities, like a walking safari to the adjacent forest leading to the Oldeani Volcano or an excursion to the nearby Lake Eyasi in the Rift Valley, still inhabited by a tribe of hunter-gatherers, the Hadzabe, a relic of ancient times who still follow a style of life similar to the humans who inhabited the Earth before the discovery of agriculture.

Another interesting tribe are the Datoga or Barabaig, also called Mangati (fierce enemy) by the Maasai who expelled them from the Ngorongoro Highlands during their unstoppable advance to the south sometime in the 19th century. A visit to the village of Karatu or the Njia Panda school, rehabilitated with the contributions of our clients, can also make the day of anyone interested in cultural interaction or in helping to the development of the rural communities of Africa.