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Planet Baobab 3 Nights

The Kalahari, Botswana

Bronze price level

Mango Opinion

The cheesiest part of Planet Baobab is the language they use to describe themselves. Do not be turned off! This is a rustic and inexpensive way to explore the very interesting Kalahari Desert.

A traditional Kalanga village shaded by large baobab trees - comfortable Bakalanga huts with en-suite bathrooms, dome tents and a camp site offer the best in Botswana, a funky Afro-chic bar and restaurant with scrumptious pan-African dishes - that's Planet Baobab.

On Day 1 arrive at the Baobab capital of the world, most of which are 4000 years old! Day 2, tour the nearest thriving metropolis, Gweta to visit the local primary school and the kgotla, the hub of traditional village life.  Next head out into the middle of nowhere and enjoy a drink before a barren and beauteous sunset followed by a barbecue dinner cooked to perfection. Day 3 means sunrise tea, coffee and muffins. Go for a quick visit to the somewhat ambiguously entitled Sweet Water - the only permanent standing water by Ntwetwe, a magnet for desert birdlife and livestock. Cruise the area in search of meerkats, bat-eared foxes, ground squirrels and other unique desert species to learn of their incredible struggle in Africa's harshest wilderness. After an al fresco dinner on the pan, hunker down at the stone hunting/Bushmen hunting blinds near the waterhole and wait for elephants to saunter out of the twilight to drink under a desert moon, as they have done for thousands of years. Finally, retire to your bedroll to rest for another peaceful sleep under the starry Kalahari sky.