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Jinka Resort

Jinka, Ethiopia

Jinka Resort is a simple accommodation in the city of Jinka, a market town in southern Ethiopia. The city of Jinka serves as a great spot from which to visit the local ethnic groups and Mago National Park.

Three of the more well-known tribes are the Konso, Mursi, and Harmar people. The Konso are a colorfully dressed people who are known for their terraced farming and wooden statue grave markers. The Mursi are famed for their lip discs on women who have reached maturity. The Hamar people are known for their copper colored hairstyles made of ochre, water, and binding resin.

While in Jinka guests spend an afternoon with a picnic exploring Mago National Park. This scenic area is divided by the Mago river which is a tributary of the Omo river. Located within the boundaries of the park is Lake Dipa. The west side of the park is the Tama Wildlife Reserve. The park mainly consist of grasslands with some forest areas located around the rivers. There is a pleasant variety of African wildlife to experience from buffalo, elephant, giraffe, hartebeest, zebra and a rich variety of birdlife including the with the rare Turdoides tenebrosus (Dusky Babbler) found at Lake Dipa.

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