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Hotel Thermal

Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar

The Thermal Hotel, is nestled is the lush jungle of the famous Ranomafana National Park. Formerly a health resort, the hotel is has transitioned to a tourist hotel with a thermal spa. At the hotel guests will find 21 rooms, a gourmet restaurant and a cozy bar.

Ranomafana (which means “hot water” in Malagasy) is doubtless one the most spectacular National Parks of Madagascar. Established in 1991, it expands over a mountainous terrain totally covered by dense moist primary and secondary forest area. In 1986 the critically endangered golden bamboo lemur was discovered.

The park contains twelve lemur species. Aside from the golden bamboo lemur, visitors can spot eastern woolly lemur, red bellied lemur, eastern grey bamboo lemur, greater bamboo lemur, red-fronted brown lemur, black-and-white ruffed lemur, Milne-Edward´s sifaka, Small-toothed sportive lemur, greater dwarf lemur and brown mouse lemur and the very rare aye-aye. Other mammals include 7 species of tenrecs, 8 bats and 6 carnivorous, like the Malagasy striped civet and some mongooses.