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Bush House

Palmarium, Madagascar

The Bush House is a rustic eco-lodge that has eleven bungalows for guests to enjoy. It is set in the Toamasina region of Madagascar, close to the Canal des Pangalanes. The idyllic and wild setting has freshwater flowing into the Indian Ocean, creating a unique marine habitat that supports a wide variety of species, including estuarine specialists. Both land and marine natural enthusiasts will have a wonderful time exploring the surrounding areas. The Bush House has remained a pristine wilderness thanks to its remote location. It is an ideal place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the normal tourist routine. Here you can just sit back and enjoy the view from the viewing hill, hike to the crocodile lake, or the nearby sweet water lake, go hiking or kayaking, or marvel at the impressive array of wildlife, including several species of endemic lemurs. The thatched bungalows are constructed using local materials, with simple handcrafted furnishings, amenities for comfort, and a large terrace that overlooks the clear waters of the lake and ocean. Guests can enjoy delicious cuisine with traditional Malagasy, Creole, and French influences.

The remote location can be a bit more involved to get to however. The Bush House is only accessible by boat, helicopter, or 4x4 with a guide--it is well worth it though. Swaying tropical trees and warm ocean breezes woven with the exotic scent of rare orchids will welcome guests to this get away that perfectly blends peacefulness and adventure.