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Gite de Kirindy

Kirindy National Park, Madagascar

Gite de Kirindy is the only accommodation located within the unique Kirindy National Park. It is operated by the Malagasy government through their national parks services department. Guests stay in rustic wooden bungalows. The newly built bungalows feature western-style bathrooms with refreshing showers en suite. In spite of the basic accommodation, the wildlife in Kirindy National Park, especially the nocturnal critters, are well worth a stay. The bedding is simple and nights can be cool during the winter, so bringing warm clothes to sleep in is recommended.

Kirindy National Park is a wonderful place for wildlife, and the experience is augmented by the iconic Avenue des Baobabs, which you drive through en route to the park. The area is best known for its nocturnal wildlife, such as the fossa, giant jumping rats, narrow-striped mongoose and six species of nocturnal lemur: the pygmy mouse, red-tailed sportive, pale fork-marked, Coquerel's dwarf, and fat-tailed dwarf lemurs. Diurnal lemurs include the Verreaux’s sifaka and red-fronted brown lemur. Additional wildlife are the tenrecs including common, lesser hedgehog and large-eared, some very rare bird species, and including white-breasted mesite, Coquerel’s coua, crested coua, sickle-billed vanga and cuckoo roller.