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Le Relais de L'Ankarana

Ankarana Reserve, Madagascar

Bronze price level

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Simple and clean, this quaint property offers easy excursions to the lesser known Ankarana Reserve in north Madagasacar. Home to wildlife (lemurs, birds, chameleons), baobab trees and tsingy formations.

Relais de l Ankarana is a simple hotel located near to Ankarana Reserve. Offering six clean rooms, this owner operated property is a welcome respite after walking in the park. Your room awaits you with comfortable bedding, a sitting area and private bathrooms for each bedroom. They have running water at all times and a solar water heater. Your comfort is ensured by screens on windows and bug nets over the beds. 

A three hour drive south from Diego, Ankarana is a bizarre place in Madagascar and subject of a National Geographic video as well as various books. It is absolutely mind boggling, a 5km x20km limestone plateau surrounded by formidable cliffs and walls, on which there are fields of razor-sharp pinnacles which the Malagasy call Tsingy. On occasion lemurs pass close to the property. More than 50 bird species have been seen on the property. Various walking trails, varying in ease of use permit visitors to explore the surrounding forest. Accompanied by competent local guides, you may encounter Brown Mouse Lemur, Eastern Avahi, Eastern Grey Bamboo Lemur, Greater Dwarf Lemur, Red Ruffed Lemur, Weasel Sportive Lemur, White fronted Brown Lemur, boas, chameleons, leaf-tailed geckoes, stump-tailed chameleons and if you are very lucky Aye-aye, too. Humpbacked Whales occur in the bay of Antongil in July and August.