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Iharana Bush Camp

Ankarana Reserve, Madagascar

Iharana Bush Camp is ideally located on the bank of a beautiful lake, facing the impressive Tsingys, with the Mahavavy River nearby. The natural beauty of the area is simply breath-taking, with a unique landscape that is special to Madagascar. Guests can completely immerse themselves in the peaceful and revitalizing ambiance. There is no modern technology to distract from relaxation--this helps gives the camp a charm and authenticity while minimizing the impact on the environment.

There are eight beautiful cottages or 'cabanas' for guests to stay in. They have been constructed of natural materials, and have architecture reminiscent of traditional Malagasy styles. The combination of materials throughout the camp gives a unique overall feel, creating a unique character that is entirely in harmony with the earth. Earthen walls, ocher laterite satrana (palm) roofs, and living plant walls, complete with roots, vines and leaves bring the rooms to life. The en suite bathrooms have granite features, a hot, private shower and toilet. Every room has an open sleeping area with mosquito nets so guests can enjoy the night stars.

Activities offered include visiting the caves where the native people have shrines to their ancestors and 4x4 or on-foot excursions of the mountains to marvel at endemic flora and fauna.