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Litchi Tree

Amber Mountain National Park, Madagascar

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This is a remote and special area of Madagascar for people who have the leisure of time to explore some of these little visited gems. Litchi Tree is not luxurious but friendly and comfortable.

The Litchi Tree guesthouse is located on the heights of Joffreville at the foot of the Amber Mountain National Park. The renovated 1902 colonial house is relaxing, comfortable and has been sustainably developed adhering to strict rules with regards to Malagasy hardwoods and hiring the entire staff from the surrounding town. 

There are many interesting activities to fill your time while at Litchi Tree. Discover the evergreen forest of Amber Mountain. The islands two best known waterfalls, Grande cascade and La Petite cascade and many Crater Lakes are rimmed by the forest. You'll appreciate the crowned and endangered Sanford's lemurs while walking. Field survens produce a plethora of endemic plants and reptiles, not to mention interesting bird species here. Stretching at an altitude between 850 and 1475m, the park is well-known for providing a perfect environment to a lush endemic tropical forest with 1000 plant species, 5 crater lakes, its sacred waterfalls, its botanical garden and its seven lemur species.

Also nearby is the Red Tsingy and the Ankarana reserve. The Ankarana massif, a 2500 hectares coral reef, is a continental shelf divided by numerous canyons. The underground watercourses have slowly dug hundreds of caves and tunnels. The Red Tsingy is a rocky formation due to erosion. Those hundreds of red rock needles offer a unique sight on Madagascar.