Tanzania Under The Radar

The open plains of East Africa offer beautiful views from your plane. You will see the snow capped peaks of Mt Kilimanjaro, Ol Donyo Lengai the sacred Maasai Mara and the stunning western wall of the Great Rift Valley.

Walk the shores of Lake Manyara to enjoy the flamingos from a private conservancy. Tarangire National Park will reveal the incredible families of elephants who thrive in the swamps. Private reserves adjacent to the Serengeti National Park eco-system reveal a quiet and powerful side to this wide open grassland. Huge herds of wildebeest and zebra migrate through on their annual quest for food and water. Resident like topi, eland, gazelles, giraffe, impala and beyond dot the plains. Rhino has a special enclosure where they are reputed to be breeding nicely.

Sip a gin and tonic while eating sashimi just pulled out of the water from the sandy beach shore of Lake Taganyika. All this after a thrilling day observing a large family of habituated chimpanzees. Time spent with them is time away from everything else that is ordinary.