30 Bizarre Collective Animal Names

We’ve all heard of a flock of geese of a herd of cows, but what about a flamboyance of flamingoes? There are some fantastically unique collective nouns out there for African animals. Try whipping these out next time you’re on safari…


Armory of aardvarks

Shrewdness of apes

Congress of baboons

Cackle of hyenas

Implausability of wildebeest

Cauldron of bats

Gang or obstinacy of buffalos

Parade or memory of elephants  

Crash of rhinos

Scurry of squirrels

Coalition of cheetahs

Prickle of porcupines

Confusion of guinea fowl

Dazzle or zeal of zebras

Wake of buzzards

Business of mongooses

Tower of giraffes (if they’re standing)

Journey of giraffes (if they’re moving)

Band of gorillas

Bloat or float of hippos 

Conspiracy of lemurs

Leap of leopards

Pride of lions

Barrel or troop of monkeys

Convocation of eagles

Charm of finches

Parliament of owls

Bask of crocodiles

Army of frogs

Bale of turtles


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